About bora project



BORA is a decentralized entertainment platform that focused to distribute digital contents and provide rewards to the users. It is a platform that will use the blockchain technology and it is created to use the Ethereum base blockchain. They provide the enabling environment for various types of service providers that deal on the following; Video game, social communities, entertainment and they can easily use the Bora platform quickly to provide their services.
The Bora platform was built with a modular structure that will helps independent blockchain implement by content providers. The platform will help the users to free from the middlemen and enhance undisturbed autonomous execution. There will be a unified experience among the users for the various content services in the BORA ecosystem. There will be also a unified personality Identity, account, and assets and will be inter-compatibility within the platform.
The BORA has been able to raise 1,325,000,000 BORA in their private sales and there was no ICO. The project will be highly successful. The team are really doing a great job to make the project get to it promised land. Planed has been made to list the token on COINSUPER on 15 of January 2019. You can not afford to miss out of this great project. You can take your time to watch out for this date and purchase some for yourself.
Website: https://boraecosystem.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/boraofficial
White paper: https://boraecosystem.com/doc/BORA_Whitepaper_1.3_EN.pdf
Author bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1077036