Bitcoin Price in 2020 - Will McAfee do it?


Thomas Lee said the price of BTC will be $91,000 in 2020

This is far off from John McAffee’s bold prediction of $1 million by 2020. Remember his bet? I am sure no one forgets!

Who’s analysis do you tend to agree with?


100 000 maybe but not 1mln, he will have to eat his d*ck :slight_smile:


He made a bold a bet and now will have to eat more than his words! haha

I do hope it hits 1,000,000 :smile:


really depends on whether or not there is confidence in the cryptocurrency market. With a limited supply and it being the main tool for purchasing your way into other tokens and coins, the sky is the limit


That is a great analysis. Bitcoin reigns king with liquidity.


I remember something like if that doesn’t happen he’ll suck his own d***, how can I forget that xD


Hope he is right with his prediction or else it would not be good :no_mouth:


Hi kyle,

I would have to say that Thomas Lee would be more correct. I think it’s more realistic that the price of BTC will be $91,000 in 2020 than the prediction of $1 million by 2020.


that’s just prediction, but people can make it real. HODL time


I say $40,000 < BTC :rocket: :full_moon: