Blok - What brought all us here?



Hello folks,

In the beginning I was thinking this forum was just for discussions about Blok…the airdrop is what brought me here. It’s the same for all the participants?
What do you think about the project itself?


Ya seems like everyone’s been piling up here for the generous 100 BLOK bonus, including me🤔


BLOK bonus for the win
can i get a like? :slight_smile:


Great post, would love to know why people chose Blok!

I have started another thread to give you ideas on why you should be happy you did!


Sure @nawixa, let’s give a help to each other in the community!


Our platform is based around helping everyone earn in their free time. If you are taking time to contribute to an egaging conversation surrounding crypto, we want to facilitate such and help you earn.

For example, check out our first competition:


Great competition @kyle. One question…just one person will receive the prize? Or will be distributed by a ranking position?


The top person will win the $1,000! This competition has not gained a lot of traction so it is anyone’s race!


The air drop brought me here :smiley:


Ofc the airdrop. But I guess they did something right. Look at us being active and all :wink:

btw, how much will 100 BLOK be worth? can i get a like :slight_smile:


5700 BLO = 1 ETH
Community math hour on the 100?

Here is a competition with some calculations built in :slight_smile:


Hi nkuinder,

I don’t know the amount that it will be worth. I would imagine it will be like other coins and go up in value. :grinning:


Airdrop and extra tokens.