Dexage Exchange Crypto Platform



The Dexage is a decentralized P2P blockchain exchange platform which is developed to enable users or to have control over the transactions by them. It is a trustless and permissionless decentralized exchange that will be driven by the innovative idea of the social web, whereby the interaction among the users, traders, and various investors will be boost through the growth and the advancement of the Dexage exchange platform. The platform will be allowed the users -centric platform for a myriad of P2P activities which will include the crypto to crypto exchanges, crypto to fiat trading, crypto trading, peer to peer lending, and chatting via DXG chat DAPP.


Before Dexage team embark on developing this exchange platform a lot of finding and research was carried out to see the problem others exchanges were facing and how their users were comfortable with them in risking their investments. It was discovered that the big risk of all was the feature of centralized structures or architecture by which a single authority controls the whole funds of the users, traders, and the investors. As a result, the users are rendered helpless and powerless to have complete control over their investments making them be vulnerable to lose their money when the exchange platform is hacked over shut down. With a centralized architecture exchange platform, they are very prone to hacking. A lot of exchange platforms were hacked in recent years and it was as a result of the centralized system.

More also, It was also gathered that the centralized exchange platforms are also more prone to a local price drop and regularly fluctuation in the crypto rates.


The Dexage has designed an exchange platform that will provide s lasting solutions to those problems that have putting investors and traders into the risk of losing their investments. As a result of regular losing of investments by investors via centralized platform system, Dexage has designed a platform that will run on decentralized blockchain network that will make it users to gain full control of their operations and all the transactions will be auditable and impervious to hacking due to they’re huge and strong distributed architecture. By coordinating the exchange using smart contracts and involving user authorization during the transactions

As we can see the importance of this project can never be overlooked down, but you should rather take advantage and invest in this futuristic investment that will soar greatly in the nearest future. The Initial Coin Offer (ICO) is still on sale on their website. They have the best team that will make this project become a reality. Join us and support this project with your contributions to make this project great. Your contributions will go a long way to help the team successful turn this idea into a product.




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