Forget Lambo I am going with the new Tesla


You can keep your lambos, I am grabbing the Tesla Roadster.

0-60 in 1.9 seconds and it is completely electric. Not to mention it is sexy… :heart_eyes:


They are super sexeh. I think theres a few projects out right now or coming out (DAV) that will allow a Tesla driver the ability to find a charging station (a fellow crypto user’s house or such) using one of their apps. This would be nice if you were in the middle of nowhere or really rural area that hadn’t put up charging stations yet.


Yes, its okay. Have to start somewhere anyway.:wink:


This is a genuis idea! Companies that give users the opportunity to earn instead of increasing profits while producing awesome products is what draws me to Tesla. Would love to never have to buy gas! Helps to environment as well


I know its not the same model but you can get used model S for reasonable prices now. Both my father and father in law bought one each. Great cars if you are close to a super charging station.


How much is that? How much are most Tesla cars?


forget fiat, i’m going crypto! hhahaa