Humancoin is a platform that is built to use the blockchain technology to unite philanthropists and recipients of funds in the most convenient and transparent way. They are here to change the philanthropist industry for a better way, basically designed to work in collaboration with e-commerce and the cryptocurrency markets which is sum up to have a total value of $3.5 trillion.
Why is Humancoin Here
The question now is that why is Humancoin here? They actually spotted a problem in the philanthropist’s industry that is affecting the charity giver and the receivers. The recent technology that is being used in the charity industry is at a low level. This is very popular with individuals and organizations that are willing to donate money or funds to change their mind due to the following issues that humamcoin has spotted over the years:
• They used to have this doubt if the donation will get to the recipient in full and on time, and inadequate trust in charities, which is due to lack of any official international organizations that monitor and evaluate every activity.
• The second problem is that there is always the complexity of making contribution cross-border payments for overseas projects, and there are also potential problems in overcoming with the regulatory agencies.
• The third issue is that you will be unable to discern any additional rewards when making a donation
Humancoin Solutions to all these Problems
Humancoin has come up with lasting solutions to the Charity industry that will make it better for a philanthropist to easily make their contributions to the needing and feel happy with their donations at the end of the day. Humancoin platform is built to boost the confidant of philanthropists to always make donations to the needing at easy. Donors can easily make contributions worldwide, monitor their own expenditure online and as well as receive discounts from the Humancoin platforms partners. Charitable projects will be able to accept funds with fewer efforts and in the shortest time in any convenient currency.
They will solve these problems via the integration of blockchain into 3 interesting sectors which are charity, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency. It has been estimated that the yearly size of donations is $750 billion worldwide, the yearly market cap of cryptocurrency is range between $300 to $900 billion, and the value of B2C e-commerce industry has got to $2.3 trillion. Forming the synergy between these three sectors, this project will form a new era of charity. A fixed among of Humancoin tokens is currently available for sales in their website to be used to build the human coin P2P blockchain platform and the international network to support this great project, and establish a PR campaign and creating a partner network. After the sale, the Humancoin token will be launch on crypto exchanges, and the platform will also start accepting applications and collecting of funds for charities continuously. Donators will then start choosing projects directly to reward from their funds, or they can alternatively make a contribution via the Human pool.
The Initial Coin Offer (ICO)
The Initial Coin Offer (ICO) is current on sale on the company website. Let support this great project to change the Charity industry to boost the confidant of philanthropists. Your contributions will go a long way for the actualization of this great innovation that will change the world of Charity that will enhance the charity donations. They have the best team to make this dream come through. The teams are doing everything possible to make this unique project come through. Your investment is secure with them. Visit the website to contribute to the project. You can also join the bounty program to promote the project online.
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