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The Ironx exchange is a crypto exchange platform established in 2017 to utilize the blockchain technology. It was created to use Ethereum blockchain technology. IronX was created by EmurgoHK and IronFX group. EmurgoHK is the world blockchain colossus and the developer of the Cardano (ADA). The IronFX group is the world leading online trading platform which has about 10 online trading platforms and with more than 200 tradable instruments in forex and was established in 2010. IronFX is an award-winning worldwide leader in online trading. It is the first regulated, service-focused, high-standards and uncompromised-procedure exchange that enhance funding through fiat and cryptocurrency.
The major vision of IronX is to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will create the conventional trading in the mind of the trader. This is the main reason of merging the best conventional trading platform from IronFX Group with the best in crypto EmurgoHK to build a global crypto exchange that withstands the test of time and meets the present market demand of traders.
IronFX exchanges will allow it users or traders to make use of their existing IronFX crypto exchange accounts and their cryptocurrencies continuously move either partially or fully position/ disclosure into the IronFX group online trading platform in a well-organized manner, fast, and free cost through the use of usual back office backbone and the foremost class of banking and payment means that are available within the IronFX group. More also, the accumulated existing experience regarding of Risk Management, Account Management, and Compliance Management will be utilized as a continuous bridge in enhancing the process of migrating disclosure /positions from cryptocurrencies trading into conventional online trading.
This is the first regulated, service concentrated, best standards and uncompromised methods exchange that will enhance funding through fiat currency and cryptocurrency.
IronFX exchange has the great potential to be successful because they have been serving retails and institutional customers more than 180 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the Latin America with over 30 different Languages across the world. They provide an exceptional trading platform for users looking for access to one of the best pools of liquidity available. IronFX Group provides unique benefits for traders in terms of multi-jurisdictional regulatory environment and global multilingual coverage supported by customer focus excellency. IronFX offers an advanced and unique set of trading products, full and localised funding options in the industry, concerning access to reputable global banking and payment provider.
This is a great project with a lot of benefits that will solve a lot of trading issues in the world in general today. Supporting the project with your contribution will go a long way of actualizing these great innovations. The Initial Coin Offer (ICO ) is currently on sale and you can visit the website and make your contributions to your choice or according to your capability.

The team is well able to land this project in it Promised Land. They are all professional and highly experienced in their field endeavour or that is related to help this project succeed. They are doing wonderful jobs and activities that will make sure that the project is successful.
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