New Exchange, SatoExchange with huge incentives... Sign up now


Sato Exchange at first look seemed like another waste of time from a market not yet established yet and no trading volume. As I began to look into it further it came to my attention it was only in beta so I said no wonder. As i poked around little bit I noticed the giveaways and so far Im pleased with the results… I was just hoping to pass this along to anyone that is in search of making a few extra dollars in crypto for a few minutes of their time.

Right now for simply tweeting a post for them you can get 1000 SATX worth $150 so there is quite a bit of incentive to sign u p and finish your registration, by the way is simple and fast unlike most sites that make so overly difficult.

So stop over sign up and start earning today, I know for a fact Im glad Ive done it, heres a link to get you started, thanks for reading

Sato Exchange Link: