Nextycoin, the new generation online payment system



Nextycoin is an ecosystem platform payment method that is created to use blockchain technology and also will serve as a fundraiser for startup companies with aim of partnership. Nextycoin is here to revolutionalize the online payment method that has been a huge threat to international transactions. Businesses and individual have not found a convenient payment method that has to meet their needs in terms of fast delivery, security to privacy, and inconsistency to huge fee charges. Some cryptocurrency has promised all of these but they have not been able to fulfil or meet up to their promises. It has been a major issue for businesses for some centuries. The majority are now looking for an alternative since the innovation of cryptocurrency now that the banks have failed in the past.No alternative has been gotten but Nextycoin is here to solve all of these problems. It is here to find a permanent solution for following problems that businesses and individuals face when making payment for their transactions;
 Delay in payment remittance: These have always been a major problem that faces major transactions that it normally affects international business. Banks happen to be a major player here. Transactions normally take unto like 3 to 5 days for it to materialized or confirmed. Sometimes, the use of the master card or credit do fail and the transaction that would have taken 1 to 2 days will be taking a whole week. I could remember recently when I bought a token from a company that was selling their ICO(Initial Coin Offer) it took 3 months for my transaction to be confirmed. Nextycoin is here to create easy to use platform that will confirm payment online instantly when there is no internet failure. This confirmation can be done with the help of Duo Cryptocurrency Confirmation system which has been invented by Nexty. The holders of this coin will be charge free as a result of peer-to-peer transactions. Next has two types of cryptocurrency that are operated in parallel. NTY is for daily transaction and NTF is for transactions confirmation.
 Zero transactions fees: A lot of Companies or individuals buy goods and services abroad and sell in their domestic market and they have not been finding it easy because of delay and fees charges in the curse of transacting this business. Many international businesses have stopped to be an existence as a result of this charges fees. Some have a low profit making as a result of this also. With the help of Nextycoin technology, his problem will be a thing of the past.
 Commitment to privacy & confidentiality: So many financial institutions including some cryptocurrency has failed in disclosing financial transactions data online which has put many businesses and individuals into risk because of this issue. Everybody has right to it privacy and this right has been broken as a result of manipulation of our financial institution by the government. Nexty will protect your privacy always to put you a safer side.
Nexty has two types of cryptocurrencies; the NTY which can be used for a daily transaction and smart staking. The holders of this coin can participate in the stakes aspect of the ecosystem to invest their coin for some time to make some profit with the attached percentages. The second one which is the NTF is used for confirmation of transactions and the holders of this have the right for mining.
Nextycoin is the best thing that has happened to fintech industry and to the world in general. Without Nexty payment method, online payment for transactions is incomplete. Come and invest in our project to start changing life and giving it a new meaning.
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