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In a recent time, we experience a lot of unwanted advertisements on the internet during our browsing time claiming to help us have access to some products online by downloading their software. In the process, we find out to see that it does not help per say, those advertisements disrupt our browsing time and track or monitor every of our movement through their malware in the course of our browsing. Through this process, browsing time has been unfriendly to us as an of delay in browsing the internet and some many our privacies have been lost. Personal privacy is a serious business in the world today and everyone knows this. has come to put an end to these problems that we have been experienced in the internet browsing today.
WHY ONLINE.IO is a platform created to use the Blockchain Technology to revolutionize the internet browsing system. Their major aim is to recreate the World Wide Web experience by putting individual’s privacy as their most primary concern, as a result providing a more protection, untraceable with Malware and ad-free internet.
Many big organizations on the internet and Government track our privacy internet and they get I free without paying for it sometimes. We can stop this if we can work together to support by all means.
As I easier said from the beginning of my write up, It is no longer news when you open your systems to browse the internet a lot of platforms are full of unwanted advertisement that tries to sell to us something some products or services they fill you need by building an unfriendly and annoying browsing encounter. Also, a majority of those websites have secret malware, scammy ads or scraping scripts to collect your details. platform is here to put an end to these problems and provide groundbreaking lasting solutions to the menace that is facing the internet by revolutionizing the browsing experience and making it very fast and providing security to our privacies to make it untraceable, without malware and ad-free.
A lot of website operators make a lot of money from these advertisements that can be changed by them by establishing their solution based mostly quantifiable. Transparent and accountable through the use of Blockchain technology which will aid them to have fair remuneration depending on the number of visitors, the time spent on their web pages and the interaction with the website, which will build a better surrounding for quality, as have been opposed to spammy cash was driven web pages.
They also built a new website rating system for the community and as you are part of the community will determine the kind of quality of the platforms you visit. This will reduce the time and stress spent on clickbait pages and you will have more time for a valuable page.
You can see the reasons that is the best platform we need now that will help us to avoid these problems that have been mentioned in this write-up. Let support them through our contributions to make the innovation becomes a reality. The Initial Coin Offer is currently on sales. Investing in this project will be great. The team is doing wonderfully well to ensure the project become a reality.
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