ORBIS COIN: Changing the Remittance Industry



Orbis is a platform that is aimed at utilizing blockchain decentralized technology to disrupt the remittance industry by creating a fresh worldwide financial division aimed at the delivery of a rapid, laid-back and inexpensive concept of financial transactions, venture, and promotional services focused on delivering friendly services through smart marketing to everyone.
Orbis Company offers a transfer, payment and investment services via cryptocurrency
tokens and blockchain technology. The technology fused with mobile and computer the software will provide humans with the prospect to execute money transfer, investments and execute expenses using automated machines, together with individual smartphones and computers with internet access.
Problems with the current system
The present financial organization is deeply regulated and focused on meeting the
satisfaction of a few key players. These organizations that have global dominance today have a keen interest in ensuring that things remain the same. The rent-seeking nature of these vastly incompetent and technically slow corporations have become deadly to the progress and prospect of almost all people of the world.
The related issues that ORBIS intends to address are as follows:
• The removal of third-party middle services thus elimination of huge fees and costly obstacles
• Prompt transaction flow hence a substantial reduction in waiting time not restricted to business operation days and business hours which are usually associated with the outdated inflexible banks of today.
• Self-service and no forced limits.
• The subtraction of complex correspondence and procedures.
Market size Projection and potentials
As a result of the search for a better job prospect, the desire for people to move to another country is greater now than ever before. This trend has allowed the global money remittance industry to grow at unparallel levels.
The volume of money transfer in the form of remittance each year is almost the same to the volume of cash that is contributed to international financial help. In 2014, for instance, these remittances totaled $596 billion worldwide, with a huge buck of that money ($436billion) in the form of remittance to developing country.
Asides from banks there are only three other western non-banking institutions that
control the remittance space. These are Western Union, MoneyGram, and RiaMoney.
Their combined retail branches are over 1.1 million around the world in 200 countries.
Granting that at the moment this shows a clear dominance, their operation is now been put to the test by companies like Orbis Money Transfer and Investment. The company will reduce drastically overhead and fees than many banks or money transfer institution because of the adoption of peer-to-peer technology.
The Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
The Initial Coin Offer (ICO) is current on sale on the company’s website. Let support this great project to change the remittance industry in order to boost the confidant of all stakeholders. Your contributions will go a long way towards the actualization of this great innovation that will disrupt the world of remittance. They have the best team to make this dream come through. Your investment is secure with them. Visit the website to contribute to the project.
You can also join the bounty program to promote the project online.
Website: https://orbistransfer.com/
Whitepaper: https://orbistransfer.com/downlo