QuizBeat is airdropping 11 million QUIZ tokens (worth $385,000)



QuizBeat is a platform for innovating real money gaming with more fun, skill focus, jackpots & blockchain. Better than sportsbetting or fantasy sports, challenging your friends and becoming the YouTube for live game shows.

QuizBeat is airdropping 11 million QUIZ tokens (worth $385,000) to airdrop participants. You can participate by earning points in "Airpot prize pools’’. The points will be converted to QUIZ tokens. ICO token price: 1 QUIZ = 0,0035 USD

How to join?

Register on QuizBeat airdrop page, click on ‘‘Join for Jackpot Airdrop’’
Verify your email by clicking on the link that will redirect you to QuizBeat site
You earned 12 points
Now click on ‘‘Earn points’’ and complete easy tasks
Join on Telegram (25 points)
Follow on Twitter (25 points)
Submit your ETH address (25 points)
Share a message on Facebook (50 points)
Share a message on Twitter (50 points)
Submit airdrop form with your details
Refer friends with your unique referral link to earn 50 points for every referral (only if your referral earns a minimum of 150 points)
Top Referrers can earn up to $56,875 in QUIZ tokens
More info on Airpot prize pools and airdrop token distribution on QuizBeat Airpot page.

Estimated value: Total budget: 11 million QUIZ tokens (worth $385,000)

LINK - https://www.quizbeat.com?ref=1234