Read, Share and Invite For Free Bitcoin



What is a Pivot Application?
The Pivot application is a community application from China for cryptocurrency investors, users can find out the market price in real time more than 14000 cryptocurrency. So besides getting the latest free bitcoin, it can also be used to store your cryptocurrency assets

Download app Android :

Tips for Collecting Powerr in the Free Bitcoin Pivot Application

  1. The first step enters the Daily Task to get more Power then work on the first Task by inviting friends. This first tip you take the referral link from the Pivot Application to start earning Power and can get a free Bitcoin Bonus. Then share the link with you on social media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Ig, etc.
  2. The second step is by continuing to work on the Daily Task to get more Power. The second tip is almost the same as the first. Make sure you work on Read Articles or read articles to get a maximum of 4000 power per day. For this second tip, just click Get Read Power to claim your bonus power.
  3. The next tip is to post articles that you have read which you can then share all social networks. Step just click share for power then select what media you want to go through. Of course you can via WhatsApp, Messages, Facebook, Gmail e-mail, etc. which of course you can use to share articles from this Pivot Application.
  4. The last tip make sure you succeed in using the Pivot Application and invite your friends to use the application too. Then get 10% of friends who are already active using this Android Pivot Application.

Good luck !!! :smile: