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Sgame pro is a mobile gaming platform that is created to use the blockchain technology to disrupt the mobile game industry. It is a utility token that is based on the ERC-20 standard, which will allow Sgame Pro to completely leverage the Ethereum ecosystem and easily combine with the already existing infrastructure.
Sgame pro is establishing by Sgame SA, it is a Swiss-based organization. The company has been under development since 2016 and the Alpha version was launched in 2017 which achieved over 50,000 downloads without market spending. Their major aim is to rapidly grow the mobile gaming industry and they have designed two main technical innovations which are as follow:
The first design is that Sgame pro will enable players (either single player or multiplayer) to earn the utilize token of Sgame coin or SGM by simply playing the most common world mobile games. SGM token will be the one and only way to have access and reward from the Sgame pro community or ecosystem and the only method to settle all transactions in the Sgame pro platform.
The second design is to integrate the disintegrated sector that self-existing and main game publishers (either publisher or publishers) into a one combine gaming platform. On the Sgame pro platform, players will be able to find recent games and also have the opportunity to challenge other players in that games that were formerly single player games(challenge), making a complete current gaming mode(Asynchronous Multiplayer).

This great innovation is actually changing the 78 per cent of the mobile gaming market that is a single player while a lot of the revenues gleam from multiplayer games. Sgame pro platform, publishers will get substantial reward revenue as the latest ecosystem will encourage increased player engagement via the technical innovations mention above. The publishers will also be able to benefit from the advancement user that will be gained as a result of Sgame pro dominant marketing promotions in collaboration with its own influencer partners. The following are the influencer of Sgame pro; Pewdiepie, Tweakbox and so many others, with over 80 million followers across the world. There is a rapid increase of influencers’ revenue streams most especially on the main conventional platform like YouTube. Sgame Pro is perfectly positioned to assist Influencers better communication and monetize a highly aimed Player community via a creative “never-ending” referral program.
The Initial Coin Offer (ICO) is current on sale on the company website. Let support this great project to disrupt the mobile gaming industry. Your contributions will go a long way for the actualization of the innovation that will change the world of mobile gaming to benefit both players and publishers all over the globe. They have the best team to make this dream come through. The teams are doing everything possible to make this unique project come through. Your investment is secure with them. Visit the website to contribute to the project. You can also join the bounty program to promote the project online.

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