Thor network trading exchange



The Thor Network is a decentralized exchange platform that is built to use the blcokchain technology to enhance the trading. The Thor Network has developed a new decentralize exchange trading platform that will enhance high-performance, a complete decentralized asset clearing and settlement network, a decentralized community control system, and decentralized tools for anonymous swap, auctions and etc. This will eliminate third-party organization and individual, users across the world can quickly and easily find other co-users and accomplish asset exchanges without any risk involved and with a level play group either ordinary fungible token assets or non-fungible assets represented by ERC721.
The discovery of Thor Network by the team was as a result of the existing asset-trading ecosystem delivery by centralized exchanges assume from conventional financial system has segregated from conventional regulations, causing serious havoc and unable to carry forward the Internet of value. In their finding, the Thor Network team analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of asset-trading platforms and initial a new solution to the encrypted digital asset world
In the nearest future, the Thor network will fully engage in the decentralized Control, so that all codes are open source operation, Thor Network nodes are maintained by the community and control processes are managed by the token holder community and powerful tools are made available to support the community perpetual supervise the decency of all transactions. By the strength of our community, Thor Network ultimate vision is to become the most paramount basic platform of the Internet of value, support billions of BTC asset transactions each year and forcefully promote the advance development of blockchain technology and the Internet of value.

This is a great project with a lot of benefits that will solve a lot of trading issues in the world cryptocurrency. Supporting the project with your contribution will go a long way of actualizing these great innovations. The Initial Coin Offer (ICO ) is currently on sale and you can visit the website and make your contributions to your choice or according to your capability.
The team is well able to carry this project into it successful. They are all professional and highly experienced in their field of endeavor that is related to help this project succeed. They are doing wonderful jobs and activities that will make sure that the project is successful.
You can also join the bounty program to help promote a good idea so that the awareness will spread across the world to hence massive success.
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