Treon the best platform for utility payment



Treon is here to make life easy for each and every one of us in the world in general. Its major aim is to transform about $5 Trillion utility market with the use of blcokchain technology. Its revolutionary blockchain is developed to render service to bring a saving of time, transparency and make payment ease for over 1.6 billion households across the world through the use of mobile and desktop app of any choice that pleased you. Financial inclusion of the 3.8 billion unbanked mobile users is at the center of their millions too.

Anywhere you are in the world today, remittent of utility bills take time and always frustrating encounter. When you missed due dates of payment, you will face more complicated payment process and there never an easy way of making payment. But since Treon is here with us, millions of consumers all over the will be able to see, manage, and pay for their entire utility bill through an easy dashboard. Treon put all the bills in the same platform. Then, no more lost bills or missed payments of utilities.

Treon aims to bring connect thousands of utility providers from across the world into a secured platform that will use blockchain technology solution. This means you will manage your utility accounts by yourself without stress (telecom, electricity water, gas) in one simple app with a wallet linked to the treon bill settlement blockchain where your utility company will be among the providers.

The Treon digital currency or tokens is called TXO which is Ethereum base token and this is what we will use in the platform to make payment of our utility bills. It is easy to buy TXO using Bitcoin, Ethereum or cash payment via Treon App wallet. TXO can be traded globally in the cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO sales. You get TXO into your Treon account through mobile recharge vouchers, bank transfers, credit cards or paypal which every one that convenient for you.

With a glance at your Treon dashboard e-wallet you will always know how many TXO tokens you have to pay for your utility bills.

Treon is not only built for payment alone, but also a platform that delivers a business to business system that let for resolution of cross trade agreements through the TXO smart control protocol in such a way that has never been before. The system will also help the utility companies’ providers across the word to manage and settle compatibility businesses between themselves by setting up a smart contract which is around 10% of the $5 Trillion utility market.

You can see the important of this great project. The team needs your support by investing in this project to make it a reality. They are working hard to move this project to the next level. The initial Coin Offer (ICO) is currently on sale. Investing in this project will have a lot of benefits and you will never regret investing in it.




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