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10X.chat is a micro-coaching tool that works where you write.
Built for international teams needing to communicate in English, 10X.chat seamlessly integrates Generative AI into your existing workflow.
No copying and pasting, no extra steps.

Micro-Coaching for your Team

Seamlessly go from...
write quick short messages and let ai fix it for u is way faster
To looking way better with...
Write quick, short messages, and let AI fix them for you. It is way faster.

What is 10X.chat


Our ability to communicate shapes how we are percieved, whether that's fair or not.

With more communication than ever happening online, the way we write on Slack has an outsized impact on our careers.

For those who did not speak English as their first language, maintaining professional business commuinication can be a challenge, espeically when it comes to external communication.

Introducing 10X.chat

10X.chat is a Slack Application that helps you write your best message.

You can either Slack it a draft of what you want to say, or it can automatically monitor your posts in channels it has been added to and recommend more professional ways to say what you have in mind.


Automatically fix spelling, grammar, and formatting errors
Rephrase your writing in a professional, "Slack-optimized" manner
Translate messages from any language into English
Automatically monitor your Slack channels for writing errors you've made
Generate Revisions until your happy
Team Management
Support Options
Email Support
Shared Slack Channel

Trust and Safety

10X.chat is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We store the least amount of data possible and never save information about your conversations. For us, your personal data is a liability. We don't want it.

The Do's
We offer custom VPC deployments to self-host 10X.chat
We support bringing your own API Key
We follow best-in-class Slack Security and Data Storage practices
The Don'ts
We don't store your messages, period.
We don't sell or use your messages to train a model or do other weird stuff

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