A Note on Security

TL;DR - Storing your messages ruins this idea, we don't do it.

Slack is intimate. It's where work gets done, where feelings are shared, and where confidential information is seen and sent.

Inviting AI into that enviornment should feel a bit nerve-wracking. We totally understand that.

The only way to consistently get the benefits of AI in your day-to-day life is to bring AI to where work is done. To cut out the friction of copying and pasting, we need to be truly embedded into Slack itself.

We use Slack's integrations to subscrbe to "events" (for example, the user that installed the app has written a message in a channel that the 10X Bot has been added to). When we get an event notification, we use OpenAI's ChatGPT API to analyze what was written and provide a recommnedation back.

The message ChatGPT analyzes is only stored "in memory" for the duration of the API call and event response. In other words, it is never, ever stuck in a database.

OpenAI does NOT use your Slack messages to train their model. We use the OpenAI API. One must opt-in to OpenAI being able to use your messages for training and we have NOT opted in. (Read more here)

Storing your messages would ruin the entire idea. We don't do it. You would not be comfortable with this - and we would have a ton of unwanted liability.

We make all of our money from the paid tiers and allow people to use the Free Tier as a way of driving conversion to a paid tier, there are no secrets or gimmicks here.

Security Features

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